Trade/Donate/Sell FAQ’s

HOURS: Wednesday-Saturday  10:00 am-3:00 pm
We accept books  trades in’s from anywhere. We’ll take trade in’s that were previously purchased from us, or purchased elsewhere.
Payment:  We accept cash, checks with ID and most Credit Cards.
Customer Service: You are welcome to call anytime to have us do title searches and get recommendations.
On Hold & Wait List:
You may call anytime and ask us to hold in stock items for up to 6 days. You may also request to be added to our “Wait List” for in demand items.

Go Green!  By recycling your items, you cut down on
waste and save $$.

Trade Your Books:

Bring in your gently used books to earn credit. For every book you bring in, you earn half off our sale price on another book. In general, our books are priced at less than half of the cover price, with a trade-in, you pay less than 1/4 cover price.  Any credit is good toward ANY book.  You can bring in 1-2 books at a time or an entire bag.

Trade Your Audio Books:

For each audio disc you bring in, you earn 1/2 off another disc,
This makes each audio disc  $0.75.


We take Book, CD and DVD donations in good condition.  We supply thousands of books each year to several different charities, including Children’s Reading programs, Senior Center’s, Little Free Libraries, Goodwill, Friends of the Library and Las Colinas Detention Center.  If we can’t use it, someone can!

Sell Your Books:

If you have books you would like to sell, please send a picture and/or detailed description.  In general we don’t buy books, but there are some that we make exceptions for.

Books We Always Need:

Children’s books in good condition
Current Bestsellers
Current Young Adult
Harry Potter
Large Print Books
Non-Fiction (last 5 years)
Trade Size Fiction (last 5 years)
New Adventure and Suspense

Things We Never Need:

Moldy books
Books that animals have peed on
Books that have been sitting outside getting moldy and peed on
Reader’s Digest